It's Alive (2008 film)

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It's Alive
Unrated DVD cover
Directed by Josef Rusnak
Produced by Mark Damon
Screenplay by Larry Cohen
Paul Sopocy
James Portolese
Based on It's Alive by
Larry Cohen
Starring Bijou Phillips
Raphaël Coleman
James Murray
Music by Nicholas Pike
Edited by James Herbert
Patrick McMahon
Release dates
October 6, 2009 (USA)
Language English

It's Alive is a 2009 straight-to-DVD remake of Larry Cohen's 1974 horror film of the same name.


Lenore Harker (Bijou Phillips) leaves college to have a baby with her architect boyfriend, Frank (James Murray). After discovering the baby has doubled in size in just a month, doctors decide to extract the baby by Caesarian section. After the doctor cuts the umbilical cord, the newborn goes on a rampage and kills the surgical team in the operating room. It afterwards crawls onto its mother's belly and falls asleep. Lenore and the baby are found on the operating table, the room covered in blood. Lenore has no memory of what happened.

After questioning by the police, Lenore is allowed to take the baby home. Authorities arrange for a psychologist to help her regain her memory of the delivery. Soon, baby Daniel bites Lenore when she’s feeding him, revealing his taste for blood.

Daniel begins to attack small animals and progresses to killing adult humans. Lenore refuses to accept that her baby is a cannibalistic killer. Frank comes home from work to find Lenore sitting in the baby's room, but Daniel is not in his crib. He searches for Daniel and accidentally locks himself in the basement. The police find Frank, but Daniel kills one of the police officers. Frank captures Daniel, but is unable to bring himself to kill the baby. The baby attacks him.

Lenore finds Frank injured, and she brings the baby into the house. She sets fire to the house, killing herself and the baby. Frank and his brother watch the house burn.



The film was officially released straight-to-DVD on October 6, 2009. It is available in both rated and unrated editions. The film had theatrical release in the Philippines in August 2009.[1]


Larry Cohen, the director of the 1974 original, was interviewed on December 21, 2009 regarding the remake and gave it a negative review, saying "It's a terrible picture. It's just beyond awful," and "I would advise anybody who likes my film to cross the street and avoid seeing the new enchilada."[2]


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