It's Art, Dad

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It's Art, Dad
Its art dad.jpg
Compilation album by The Clientele
Released October 2005
Recorded 1991–1996
Genre Indie pop
Label Self-released
Producer The Clientele
The Clientele chronology
Strange Geometry
(2005)Strange Geometry2005
It's Art, Dad
God Save The Clientele
(2007)God Save The Clientele2007
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Pitchfork Media (6.3)[1]

It's Art, Dad is a self-released compilation album of early recordings by The Clientele. It was released in very limited quantities on the band's 2005–2006 tour dates as well as the band's website. It comprises various recordings from the band's early days (1991 through 1996).[2] These songs include the founding member Innes Phillips, who left The Clientele in 1996 to form his own band, The Relict.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Graven Wood"
  2. "Dear Jennifer"
  3. "February Moon"
  4. "Elm Grove Window"
  5. "The Night That Changed Our Minds"
  6. "When She's Tired of Dancing"
  7. "Untitled #2"
  8. "The Evening In Your Eyes"
  9. "St. James' Walk"
  10. "Shadow of Your Life"
  11. "August Sky"
  12. "The Words We Knew"
  13. "St. Paul's Beneath a Sinking Sky"
  14. "Can't Sleep"
  15. "Sweeten Your Eyes"
  16. "Graven Wood" (Rehearsal)