It's OK, It's All Good

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It's OK, It's All Good is an album by the Mumbai-based band Pentagram.

It's OK, It's all Good was released in 2007. "Voice" was released as the first single and received considerable airplay on VH1. The song was used in a music video competition by VH1 and Nokia, and the video that was released features contributions from various fans across India who sent in their videos. The song, along with the music video, received considerable praise for its unique feel.


  1. Today
  2. Electric
  3. Rude
  4. Animal
  5. Rock 'N' Roll
  6. Man Eat Man
  7. Bad Man
  8. This World Is Mine
  9. The Jungle
  10. Back To Zion
  11. Don't Break My Beat
  12. This Is For My People
  13. Deep Down
  14. Voice
  15. This Is For My Moshpit
  16. No Turning Back

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