It Takes Two (1982 film)

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It Takes Two
Film poster
Traditional 難兄難弟
Simplified 难兄难弟
Mandarin Nàn Xiōng Nàn Dì
Cantonese Naan4 Hing1 Naan4 Dai6
Directed by Karl Maka
Produced by Dean Shek
Raymond Wong
Written by Raymond Wong
Starring Dean Shek
Richard Ng
Frances Yip
Cherie Chung
Music by Teddy Robin
Cinematography Brian Lai
Edited by Tony Chow
Distributed by Cinema City & Films Co.
Release date
15 July 1982 (1982-07-15)
Running time
99 minutes
Country Hong Kong
Language Cantonese
Box office HK$16,724,578

It Takes Two is a 1982 Hong Kong comedy film directed by Karl Maka and starring Dean Shek and Richard Ng.


  • Dean Shek as Shek
  • Richard Ng as Ai Don-low
  • Frances Yip as Miss Yip
  • Cherie Chung as Chu
  • Lau Sze-hong as Chun
  • Wong Ching as Boss Wong / Jaws
  • Sek Yin-chi as Robin
  • Cheng Mang-ha as face lift beautician
  • Fung King-man as Loanshark Bing
  • George Lam as olives peddlar
  • Tsui Hark as taoist priest
  • Teddy Robin as clothes peddler
  • Karl Maka as Albert
  • Sylvia Chang as restaurant cleaner
  • Eric Tsang as shoeshine boy
  • Lau Kar-wing as butcher
  • Alan Tam as shampoo boy
  • Wong Wan-choi as doctor
  • Wong Ngai-yee as nurse
  • Si Gai-keung as fake cop
  • Kam San as Secretary Lo
  • Tai San as Wong's thug
  • Shing Wan-in as Wong's thug
  • Yeung Yau-cheung as Wong's chauffeur
  • Shing Fui-On as butcher's customer
  • Cho Tat-wah as Mr. Chao
  • Ho Hen as Mr. Chimp
  • Billy Lau as Bing's thug
  • Ng Kwok-kin as fake policeman
  • Raymond Fung as Manager Hung

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