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Type of site
Social network game
Available in English
Owner Gofresh Gmbh
Created by Jukka Saarelainen & Antonio Vince Staybl
Commercial Yes
Registration ?
Current status Defunct since 1 May 2014

itsmy is a pure mobile social gaming network which combines open mobile games and mobile communication between gamers. It is a brand of Gofresh, Munich Germany.[1] More than 2½ million mobile phone user worldwide, use the Versions available in English, German, Italian, Spanish.[2] Games can not only be played on mobile phones, but also on almost all devices with internet access.[3]


itsmy was a pure mobile social networking service which combined mobile communication and personal content sharing.


itsmy offers its users mobile social gaming and communication with other gamers, profile pictures and a mobile social games TV channel and location-based social gaming services and over 100 social mobile games.[4] It also allows its users to create a personal homepage called "my playground" including a profile.

Social mobile games[edit]

Advertising free, free-to-play casual multiplayer games for users on multiple social networks. With more than 100 games available the games can be played not only on your mobile phone, but on any device with internet access and throu the social network Facebook (Celebrity 1+2, Criminal Pizza, Undead Creatures, Tickle my Sheep, The Cowsnatchers Trilogy, SpaceDwellers(developed by KrassGames), Crime City (developed by Softgames) and more).[5]

Game features

  • Player notification for friends
  • Game items/virtual gifts (achieve/unlock/buy).
  • Profile customation, adding favourite titles/ friends /trophies on account.).[6]

My Playground[edit]

My playground is the players profile, giving information about age/location/member since. From here the user can play games send love/messages/gifts/view pictures. Furthermore the site contains:

  • My Minigames. Activating a minigame changes profile layout. The user himself and other can play this game. There is the possibility to activate more than one minigame.
  • My favorite games. Add your favorite games here to see
  • My trophies. Trophies won and gotten.
  • Games played. Amount of games played and information on game results
  • My gift gallery. Gifts won in the games or gift gotten by friends
  • My friends. Possibility to look at pictures/news feed friend requests/brows people invite friends
  • Latest visitors. User who visited your playground


The user can edit and manage his registration information (age, gender, mobile number password, timezone, ignore list, forum settings), privacy settings (everyone vs. just friends), communication settings (ignore list/notification/twitter) and language. Furthermore there is a special sections where the user can choose his minigames & themes and change game settings and switch the sound off.


itsmy offers free content and for registered user personal mobile content sharing and games.[7]Virtual goods and premium games can also be bought in the itsmy store.


80% of the users are from the US (highest population of users in Texas and California) and Europe (mostly from UK, Ireland and Spain).[8] Other metrics are that users play 2.6 game-sessions for a total of 35 minutes daily. [9]

Mobile TV[edit]

Itsmy mobile TV shows are weekly appearing, giving information and news about games/features/users on itsmy game world.

Mobile social advertising[edit] is a mobile "social advertising" network with more than 1 Billion served mobile rich media ads [10]

Terms of use[edit]

Itsmy is open for everyone from the age of 14 years. Underage user, have to ask parents for permission of usage. If Users make themselves older or younger, it leads to an immediate termination of the account. Content breaking local laws will also lead to termination of the account. Itsmy uses content for promotional purposes, but doesn't hand out any personal data to third parties.[11]


After many unsuccessful years, failing to make a break through in the social media market, itsmy left hundreds of users disappointed by announcing its closure in March 2014. The site was scheduled to close on 29 April 2014, but due to data issues the closure was delayed and users could still use its features until 1 May 2014.



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