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Cooh is playing at the Cross Club in Prague.

Ivan Shopov (Bulgarian: Иван Шопов, born 7 September 1982),[1] better known by his stage names Cooh (COOH, CooH) and Balkansky (Бalkansky), is a Bulgarian music producer, DJ, and graphic artist.[2] He produces drum and bass and dubstep music.

Shopov was born in Troyan,[1] a town in central northern Bulgaria. At 16, he joined a metalcore band as a bassist. He got involved in electronic music at age 18. In 2002, Shopov began a promotion of drum and bass throughout Bulgaria together with Valeri Sholevski (Ogonek). Shopov is a graduate of the National Academy of Arts in Sofia.

As Cooh, Shopov has released tracks for several prominent international drum and bass labels and has performed in events all across Europe and America including many Therapy Sessions events as a headliner. Under the stage name Balkansky, Shopov released the 2008 album Kuker, a collaboration with kaval player Theodosii Spassov. The album combines Bulgarian and Balkan folk music with dubstep and other electronic music genres.[3]

In 2009, Cooh featured as a performer on the main stage of the Spirit of Burgas festival in Burgas together with Ogonek.[4]


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