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Ivaylo Nikolaev Brusowski
Ivaylo Brusowski 002.jpg
Born (1968-11-09) November 9, 1968 (age 50)
EducationSaint Petersburg State University
OccupationFilm director, film producer, screenwriter, actor

Ivaylo Brusowski (Bulgarian: Ивайло Брусовски) is a movie director, actor, screen and playwright and composer.

Family origin and early life[edit]

Brusowski is the son of Dora Ivanova, a ballerina and the actor, Nikolay Angelov ("Notes on Bulgarian Uprisings", "Mass Miracle" (1981), "Mister for a Day" (1983), "Margarit and Margarita" (1989) and so on).[1][not in citation given] Brusowski has two children, Alice and Dorothy. Brusowski's first stage appearance was at the age of three in "Richard III" by William Shakespeare. As a child, he played many roles on the stage of the Ruse Theatre,[2] and recorded at the studios of the actor Kosyo Stanev's student theatre. As five- or six-year-old, Brusovski wrote a movie script and used a movie camera.


Brusowski was in the navy. On his dismissal, he studied Business and Management at the Ruse University. He also worked at RRTV, the Bulgarian national broadcaster and completed a course in art photography. From 1996 to 2000, Brusowski studied at The National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts becoming an actor.[3] In 2008, he graduated in Saint Petersburg as a film and TV director.


On November 11, 2001 Brusovski opened his own acting school.[4] He is the creator of the story about W.G.C., the Walkman Garden Club and its characters. In 2010 he was appointed head of the School of Acting Drama Theatre in Targovishte.[5]


  • The Long Way to The Cherry Orchard (2012)
  • WGC I - The 9th kilometer (2007)
  • The Black Obelisk - dramatization of the novel by Erich Maria Remarque (2005)
  • Hawaiian hole (2004)
  • Don Quixote de la macho (2003)[4]
  • WGC III - X Rated Adults ! (2003)
  • H. P. like Harry Potter (2002)
  • WGC II - Picnic on Uneven Ground (2002)
  • Action in the Fairy Forest (2001)

Music for theatrical productions[edit]

  • I Want ! by Zdrava Kamenova, director Vladimir Petkov
  • Six Kisses by Anna Petrova, director Vladimir Petkov[4]
  • Escape the fairy world by Dimitar Dimitrov, director Nadia Assenova
  • Gentlemen, comrades, dudes and ladies by Victor Lyapin, director Vladimir Petkov
  • The party by Zlatka Keremedchieva, director Iskra Ivanova
  • Bean by Elin Rahnev, director Vladimir Petkov.
  • Vernissage by Václav Havel, director Nikolay Gunderov

Stage roles[edit]

  • The Man in I Want ! by Zdrava Kamenova, director Vladimir Petkov
  • Waller in Tartuffe by Molière, director Aleksander Berowski[4]
  • Eddie Malone in the musical Touch Me by Anna Petrova, director Lyubomir Kanev
  • Max in Let's kill Matilda by Orlin Dyakov, director Rosina Danchenko[4]
  • The Artist in Painting by Eugène Ionesco, director Ivan Samokovliev
  • The Yoke in Attempt to Fly by Jordan Radichkov, director Aleksander Berowski
  • Vicho in Michal Mishkoed by Sava Dobroplodni, director Aleksander Berowski
  • Costard in Love's Labour's Lost by William Shakespeare, director Aleksander Berowski
  • Vicho, the process server in Suspicious person by Branislav Nushich, director Dimitar Stoyanov
  • Andrew Benkov in Iron Candlestick by Dimitar Talev, director Asen Shopov
  • Lazarus (in summer) in Lazaritza by Jordan Radichkov, director Aleksander Berowski
  • The Colleague in The Predetermined by Elias Canetti, director Elena Panayotova
  • The Driver in Six Kisses by Anna Petrova, director Vladimir Petkov
  • The Investigator in The Part by Zlatka Keremedchieva, director Iskra Ivanova
  • Man in Bean by Elin Rahnev, director Nikolay Gunderov

Film roles[edit]


  • Parallel Worlds I: Star Uprise
  • WGC II - Picnic on Uneven Ground
  • A holiday for billions
  • Veseto and the X-crements
  • The Alchemists from the west coast
  • Vessy and the black and white happiness
  • The Becky Thatcher Story
  • Thirst


  • Parallel Worlds I: Star Uprise, Filming (2014)
  • Veseto and the X-crements, Short (2013)
  • Thirst, Short (2010)
  • The Becky Thatcher Story, Short (2010)
  • Norway Today, Short (2010)
  • Veseto and the black and white happiness, Short (2009)


Production coordinator for East Europe in * Autómata , Film (2014)


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