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Ivey may refer to:

People with the given name Ivey[edit]

  • Ivey Shiver (1907–1972), outfielder in Major League Baseball
  • Ivey Wingo (1890–1941), Major League Baseball catcher
  • Newman Ivey White (1892–1948), professor of English at Duke University
  • William Ivey Long, American Tony Award-winning costume designer for stage and film

People with the surname Ivey[edit]

  • Anna Ivey, American academic and writer
  • Artis Leon Ivey, Jr (born 1963), American performer known by his stage name "Coolio"
  • Barry Ivey (born 1979), Louisiana politician
  • Bill Ivey, seventh chairman of the National Endowment for the Arts
  • Dana Ivey (born 1941), American actress
  • Donald Ivey (born 1922), Canadian physics professor, first host of The Nature of Things
  • Eowyn Ivey, American author
  • Ford Ivey, founder of several live action role-playing games
  • George Ivey (1923–1979), English professional footballer
  • James Ivey, artist from San Diego, California
  • Jean Eichelberger Ivey (1923–2010), American composer
  • John E. Ivey, Jr. (1919–1992), American educator
  • Jolene Ivey (born 1961), American politician
  • Jordan Ivey (born 1981), Canadian sound designer
  • Judith Ivey (born 1951), American actress
  • Kay Ivey, the 38th Alabama State Treasurer
  • Lela Ivey, American actress
  • Loyd Ivey, chairman and CEO of Mitek Corporation
  • Mitch Ivey (born 1949), American swimmer and swimming coach
  • Niele Ivey (born 1977), former Women's National Basketball Association (WNBA) player
  • Paul Ivey (born 1961), English former professional footballer
  • Phil Ivey (born 1976), American poker player
  • Richard M. Ivey (born 1925), Canadian lawyer and philanthropist
  • Royal Ivey (born 1981), American basketball player
  • Steve Ivey, American music writer, producer, musician, and recording engineer
  • Susan Ivey, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Reynolds American
  • Travis Ivey (born 1986), American football nose tackle
  • William Edward Ivey (1838–1892), New Zealand agricultural scientist and director


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