Izarigawa Dam

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Izarigawa Dam
Location Hokkaidō, Japan.
Construction began 1971
Opening date 1980
Dam and spillways
Impounds Izari River
Height 45.5 m
Length 190.5 m
Total capacity 15,300,000 m³
Catchment area 113.3 km²
Surface area 110 hectares

The Izarigawa Dam (漁川ダム?) is a dam in Eniwa, Hokkaido, Japan.

Work on the Izarigawa Dam began in 1971 and it began operating in 1980. The dam is 45.5 meters high, with a crest length of 270 meters. The dam's volume is 647,000 square meters. Its catchment area is 113.3 square km and its total water surface area is 110 hectares.[1] The dam's maximum capacity is 15,300 square meters.[2]

The Izarigawa Dam
Satellite photo of the Izarigawa Dam and its surrounding areas


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Coordinates: 42°50′44″N 141°26′53″E / 42.84556°N 141.44806°E / 42.84556; 141.44806