J-League Fighting Soccer

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J-League Fighting Soccer
J-League Fighting Soccer Game Boy.jpg
Cover art (Game Boy)
Developer(s) Graphic Research[1]
Publisher(s) IGS
Composer(s) Fumito Tamayama (Game Boy)
Yoko Suzuki (Famicom)
Platform(s) Game Boy
Family Computer
Release Game Boy
  • JP: December 27, 1992
Family Computer
  • JP: June 19, 1993
Genre(s) Traditional soccer simulation
Mode(s) Single-player
Multiplayer (up to two players)

J-League Fighting Soccer: The King of Ace Strikers (Jリーグ ファイティングサッカー, J-Rīgu Faitingu Sakkā) is a Japan-exclusive soccer simulation video game for the Game Boy and Family Computer.

The Game Boy version (released almost 5 months before the start of the inaugural season of the J. League) was the first title officially licensed by the J. League.

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