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J. Edward Hakes left his mark on Christian higher education, his book being assigned as required reading in the classrooms of several Christian colleges.[citation needed] He served as president of Cornerstone University (1954–1958) and academic dean of Trinity College (1969–1980).

Cornerstone University citation:

"In 1955, the Executive Board of the institution moved to allow the Seminary to admit only students with baccalaureate degrees, thus becoming a true graduate school of theological studies. At the same time, steps where [sic] being taken with the state Board of Education to change both the level and the function of the Bible Institute into a degree-granting, undergraduate institution. Finances and faculty did not adequately support such a transition to a four-year college at that time, but the seeds were planted during the presidency of Dr. J. Edward Hakes (1953-58)."[1]


Published works[edit]

An Introduction to evangelical Christian education. (Chicago: Moody Press, 1964).


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