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Born June 29, 1977
Washington Township, Gloucester County, New Jersey, U.S.
Residence Glassboro, New Jersey, U.S.
Professional wrestling career
Ring name(s) JADEN
Tellin D. Truth
"Mad Dog" AC Drake
Sasuke the Great
The Maniac
Trained by Lucifer
John Dhamer
Reckless Youth
Angel & Bobby (of East LA)
Jose Rivera Jr

Jaden (born June 29, 1977), stylized as JADEN, is an American professional wrestling manager and commentator.


Born in Washington Township, Gloucester County, New Jersey, Jaden is a Northeastern United States based manager who is best known for his bald head, flashy outfits, and blue and white contact lenses. JADEN started out his career as a professional wrestler, trained by Lucifer and Karnage. It was there he met his longtime associate the Sensational One. He later moved his training to the Combat Zone Wrestling school, when it was based out of Mantua, New Jersey, where he was best known for being Lobo's first opponent and for having wins over both Justice Pain and Nick Gage. When his knee injury took him out for a short time he became CZW's very first commentator (often working with Rev. John Dahmer). JADEN then went to work for over 75 independent wrestling companies all over the North East.

In wrestling[edit]

  • Finishing and signature moves
  • Wrestlers managed
  • The Sensational One (S-1)
  • The Divine One (D-1)
  • Arrogant One (A-1)
  • Dirty Money
  • Mercedes Martinez
  • Angel Gonzalez
  • Tommy Force
  • Problem Child
  • Crazii Shea
  • Frankie Frizzo
  • Twisted Tate
  • Steve Squid
  • Johnny Fearless
  • Blood
  • Amadeus
  • Patch
  • White Lotus
  • Amy Lee
  • Atticus Rheighns
  • Dark Angel
  • Orion
  • Adam Ugly
  • Brandon Draconis
  • Modar Assad
  • Luscious Laron
  • "Pretty Boy" Jimmy Dream
  • Eric Cooper
  • Alan Cross
  • Louis G. Rich
  • Ashley Nicely
  • Jason Gotti
  • KAGE
  • Vinny the Fixxer
  • Tara Murphy
  • Tatianna Stone
  • Geoff Bravo
  • Titles JADEN has managed wrestlers to:
  • NWA New Jersey Tag Team Titles - One in a Million (The Divine One & the Sensational One)
  • DWF Iron Man Championship -The Sensational One (S-1)
  • Jersey State Championship - Vinny the Fixxer
  • EWA Cox Corner Dance Off Championship - The Sensational One (S-1)
  • BWO Southern State Phoenix Championship - "Canadian Shooter" Tommy Force
  • Force One Iron League Championship - "Canadian Shooter" Tommy Force
  • FwF Cruiserweight Champion - The White Lotus