JAPW Women's Championship

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JAPW Women's Championship
Princess Kimberlee.jpg
Current JAPW Women's Champion Kimber Lee
Promotion Jersey All Pro Wrestling
Date established May 9, 2009
Current champion(s) Kimber Lee
Date won April 30, 2016

The Jersey All Pro Wrestling Women's Champion (stylized as JAPW Women's Championship) is a women's professional wrestling championship in Jersey All Pro Wrestling. The title is also recognized by other promotions on the independent scene.


On June 27, 2009, at Caged Destiny, ODB, who had defeated LuFisto in the main event of JAPW's first ever all-women's show, faced the undefeated Sara Del Rey, who had won a #1 Contender's Battle Royal at the second women's division show, to determine the first ever JAPW Women's Champion. In the end Del Rey won the match to become the inaugural champion. She has also been successful in her first title defense by defeating Portia Perez on August 1, 2009, at European Homicide. On September 12, Del Rey defeated Hailey Hatred to make the second title defense and a month later, at Halloween Hell, she was able to score another pinfall over Roxie Cotton. She made her fourth title defense against Alissa Flash on November 13, 2009, at a TNA house show in Wayne, New Jersey.[1] Her fifth title defense went to a double disqualification against Cheerleader Melissa, after Hailey Hatred attacked both the Women's Champion and her challenger. Later in that night it was announced that at the next JAPW WD show the three of them would face each other in a three-way no disqualification match.[2] One week later Del Rey was able to defeat Sumie Sakai to make her sixth title defense. On January 9, 2010, Sara Del Rey defeated Cheerleader Melissa and Hailey Hatred in a No DQ three-way match to make her seventh title defense.[3] On January 16 Sara Del Rey retained once again her title against Sumie Sakai at the show January Infiltration from RCW.[citation needed] At JAPW's 12th Anniversary Show she defeated Madison Rayne in her ninth title defense and she has also accepted a challenge by Ayako Hamada for a future title shot. She defeated Jessica James at an ACW Show to make her tenth defense.[citation needed] Sara Del Rey continued to defend her title and she was also able to defeat Hailey Hatred in a Falls Count Anywhere Match at WildCard, a JAPW Show where the champions have to defend their titles against mystery opponents making her 11th defense.[4] She made her 12th title defense against Ayumi Kurihara at the JAPW Show Old School on April 17, 2010.[5] She made her 13th title defense against Annie Social at Notorious Thunder on May 22, 2010.[6] On November 20, 2010, at November to Remember Sara Del Rey defended her title for the 14th time defeating Mia Yim. She kept her title defense going when she defeated LuFisto on 11 December, making her 15th title defense at the 13th Anniversary Show: Night Two.

Current champion[edit]

Sara Del Rey was the inaugural champion in JAPW. She defeated ODB on June 27, 2009 in Jersey City, NJ at Caged Destiny.[7] The current champion is Kimber Lee in her first reign. She defeated Annie Social to win the vacant title on April 30, 2016.

Title history[edit]

As of June 29, 2017.

# Wrestlers Reign Date Days
Location Successful defenses Event Notes
1 Sara Del Rey 1 June 27, 2009 1108 Jersey City, NJ 15 Caged Destiny Defeated ODB to become the inaugural champion.[7]
Vacant July 9, 2012 Jersey City, NJ 0 Vacanted when Del Rey signed with WWE.
2 Kimber Lee 1 April 30, 2016 425+ Bayonne, New Jersey 0 JAPW Homecoming 2016 Defeated Annie Social to win the vacant championship.[8]

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