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JEDMICS is the "Joint Engineering Data Management Information and Control System". JEDMICS is a DoD initiative for the management and control of engineering drawings and related text in a standard repository. JEDMICS has been designed as an open, client-server architecture conforming to applicable IDE[clarification needed] standards which provides the user with the ability to locate and obtain approved engineering drawings and associated data that is the required revision in the preferred format. In addition to providing the repository functions for engineering drawings and associated technical data, JEDMICS defines the indexing elements and data relationships needed to store and locate that data; provides a standard repository interface to permit access by Joint CALS and CMIS and other data requesting systems; and, provides necessary interfacing to configuration management systems that control the version and applicability of that data.[1]

JEDMICS C4 and CALS are raster (bitmap) image formats developed by the US Department of Defense for military use.[2]