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Lissajous figures, implemented with JFreeChart
Lissajous figures, implemented with JFreeChart
Developer(s)Object Refinery Limited in collaboration with the community
Stable release
1.5.0 / November 5, 2017; 18 months ago (2017-11-05)
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Written inJava
Operating systemCross-platform (JVM)
TypePlotting Software

JFreeChart is an open-source framework for the programming language Java, which allows the creation of a wide variety of both interactive and non-interactive charts.

JFreeChart supports a number of various charts, including combined charts:

  • X-Y charts (line, spline and scatter). Time axis is possible.
  • Pie charts
  • Gantt charts
  • Bar charts (horizontal and vertical, stacked and independent). It also has built-in histogram plotting.
  • Single valued (thermometer, compass, speedometer) that can then be placed over map.
  • Various specific charts (wind chart, polar chart, bubbles of varying size, etc.).

It is possible to place various markers and annotations on the plot.

JFreeChart also works with GNU Classpath, a free software implementation of the standard class library for the Java programming language.[1]

JFreeChart automatically draws the axis scales and legends. Charts in GUI automatically get the capability to zoom in with mouse and change some settings through local menu. The existing charts can be easily updated through the listeners that the library has on its data collections.

Relation with Eastwood Charts[edit]

Eastwood Charts is an open source implementation of the Google Chart API, with charts rendered using JFreeChart. Both Eastwood Charts and JFreeChart are under the terms of LGPL and developed by David Gilbert.[2]

Software Applications that use JFreeChart[edit]


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