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JX may refer to:


  • JX (artist), an early alias of DJ Jake Williams, who is more recently known as Rex the Dog
  • J. X. Williams, a pseudonym used by several different authors during the 1960s for many adult novels
  • Jesus Christ


  • Roland JX-3P, a MIDI capable synthesizer keyboard which debuted in 1983
  • JX (operating system), a Java operating system
  • IBM JX, a personal computer that based on IBM PCjr, released in Japan, in 1984

Other uses

  • Jx or jx, a digraph in the Esperanto x-system orthography, representing the consonant sound [ʒ], normally spelled as Ĵ or ĵ in the Esperanto alphabet
  • Jambojet IATA designator code
  • Jiangxi, a province of China (Guobiao abbreviation JX)