J Style

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J Style
Studio album by Lee Joon-gi
Released April 17, 2009
Genre Dance, pop
Label Mentor Entertainment
Producer Yejeon Media

J Style is the second single album[1] by Lee Joon-gi, which he produced with musician Kim Hyung Suk. The album consists 4 new songs including his 3 songs from his previous album My Jun, My Style. One of the songs, Selfless Dedicated Trees was written by Lee for his fans at the Episode II 'Mask' fan meeting in April 2009. J Style had rushed to the 1st rank in the Hanteo[2] and Mnet charts within the first week the album was released on April 21.

Track listing[edit]

  1. J STYLE
  2. Soliloquy (혼잣말) (hon jat mal)
  3. I'm Ready
  4. Selfless Dedicated Trees (아낌없이 주는나무) (a kkim eops i ju neun na mu)
  5. One Word )한마디만) (han ma di man)
  6. I Don't Know How to Love (사랑을 몰라) (sa rang eur mol la)
  7. Foolish Love (바보사랑) (ba bo sa rang)
  8. Soliloquy (혼잣말) (hon jat mal) (instrumental)

Music video[edit]

For 5 months Lee recorded an exclusive music video titled J Style[3] for his upcoming Episode II 'Mask' fan meeting. But Lee ran into some trouble with media where he had to deal with a blow after some important scenes were leaked out. The concept "Cyber Oriental" left the music video with a fantasy-like atmosphere and was highly different from his usual image. The stage backdrop had 5 different sets, and was also made with a big auto change stage mechanism. Lee worked with famed Korean producer, Kim Hyung Suk on this music video which was shown to the fans during his Episode II fan meeting on the April 18, 2009.