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Jaap Flier
Born (1934-02-27) February 27, 1934 (age 87)
Known forDance and choreography

Jaap Flier (born 27 February 1934) is a Dutch dancer and choreographer.

Life and career[edit]

Jaap Flier was born in Scheveningen, Netherlands, and studied with Sonia Gaskell. He made his debut as a dancer in 1950 with Ballet Recital and then took a dance position with Netherlands Ballet. He made his debut as choreographer with The Trial in 1955. He also appeared as a dancer in the film Karneval in 1961.

Jaap was a founding member of Netherlands Dance Theatre in 1959 and worked as one of its principal dancers. He served as director of the Australian Dance Theatre from 1973–75 and director of the Dance Company (NSW) in Sydney from 1975-76.[1] He then returned to the Netherlands where he worked teaching dance.

In 1968, he was honored as Knight of the Order of Orange-Nassau.[2]


Selected works include:

  • Nouvelles aventures (music by Ligeti, 1968)
  • Hi-kyo (music by Kazuo Fukushima, 1971)


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