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Jachacunocollo is located in Bolivia
Highest point
Elevation5,800 m (19,000 ft)
Coordinates16°58′43″S 67°20′53″W / 16.97861°S 67.34806°W / -16.97861; -67.34806Coordinates: 16°58′43″S 67°20′53″W / 16.97861°S 67.34806°W / -16.97861; -67.34806
Parent rangeAndes, Kimsa Cruz mountain range
First ascentReached shoulder 20m below top-1911: 1-1939.[1]

Jachacunocollo[2][1] (possibly from Aymara jach'a big, khunu snow, qullu mountain),[3] also known as Jacha Cuno Collo,[4] Tres Marias,[2] Don Luis[2][4] or Jacha Collo[4] is a mountain in the Andes in Bolivia. It is the highest elevation in the Quimsa Cruz Range reaching an elevation of about 5,800 metres (19,029 ft). Jachacunocollo is situated in the La Paz Department, Inquisivi Province, Quime Municipality, north-west of Wayna Khunu Qullu, the second highest mountain in this mountain range.[5][6]

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