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Jachigi is a game where a long stick and two short sticks is hit and caught. First, a circular hole is dug on the ground, and a circle is drawn on the outside. After placing a short stick around the outside of the hole, it is hit with the long stick, and the rebounding stick (the short one that was just hit), is hit again with the long stick in mid-air, sending it flying far away.

The rules are to first divide two or more people into two teams, either the offensive area or the defensive area. The offensive side hits the stick and lets it fly; if the opposing team catches it, the offense and the defense switch sides. If there were only two people playing, the player who hit the stick would lose. In the case that it could not be caught, the opposing team picks up the short stick, and throws it toward the hole. Then, the offensive person hits it back. Where the short stick fell, they measure with the long stick. Right then, the long stick becomes one ruler.

The name Jachigi is used because of the use of the long stick as a ruler to determine the winner.