Jack Frost (detective)

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Jack Frost
First appearance Frost at Christmas (novel)
"Care And Protection" (TV Episode, 30 October 1992)
Last appearance A Killing Frost
"If Dogs Run Free: Part Two" (TV Episode, 5 April 2010)
Created by R. D. Wingfield
Portrayed by Leslie Sands (BBC Radio)
Derek Martin (BBC Radio)
David Jason (TV)
Occupation Police detective
Nationality British

Detective Inspector William Edward "Jack" Frost, GC, is a fictional detective created by R. D. Wingfield—characterised as sloppy, untidy, hopeless with paperwork—but unmatched at solving mysteries. The character has appeared in two radio plays, nine published novels, and a TV series spanning 42 episodes between 1992 and 2010.

Radio plays[edit]

The character first appeared in a radio play entitled Three Days of Frost first transmitted on BBC Radio 4 on 12 February 1977. He was portrayed by Leslie Sands. The character's second appearance was also on BBC Radio 4, in a play entitled A Touch of Frost, transmitted on 6 February 1982. In the second radio play the character was portrayed by Derek Martin.


Wingfield published six novels about DI Frost, starting with Frost at Christmas in 1984. In 2011, 2012 and 2013, three new Frost books were published under the name James Henry. In the case of First Frost, this pseudonym refers to James Gurbutt and Henry Sutton, but in Fatal Frost and Morning Frost it refers to Gurbutt only.

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  4. Hard Frost (1995 UK & U.S.) ISBN 0-553-57170-2 (U.S. mass market paperback edition)
  5. Winter Frost (1999, Constable, London / 2000 Corgi Books, London) ISBN 0-552-14778-8 (Corgi Books paperback)
  6. A Killing Frost (2008, Bantam Press / Corgi Books, London) ISBN 0-552-15689-2 (Corgi Books paperback)
  7. First Frost (2011, Transworld Publishers Ltd)
  8. Fatal Frost (2012, Bantam Press)[1]
  9. Morning Frost (2013, Bantam Press)

Television series[edit]

Beginning in 1992, television adaptations of the novels, and further stories based on the characters have been transmitted on ITV in the UK. The series stars David Jason as William Edward Frost, with "Jack" being a nickname. This series has been broadcast under the umbrella title A Touch of Frost. To date, there have been thirty-eight stories broadcast (forty-two episodes, if counted individually). These have been released on VHS and DVD internationally.

Three endings were filmed for the final episode. The first ending saw Frost the victim of a hit-and-run on his wedding day, and later suffering a fatal heart attack in hospital. The second ending saw his colleague George Toolan die instead, as a result of the car crash. The third was similar to the second with Superintendent Mullet being the victim. The second ending was the one officially used (with David Jason's support). The ending in which Frost dies was screened during a tribute to the show on ITV1 on April 6, 2010.


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