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Jack Olding of Hatfield, Hertfordshire, England had a company (Jack Olding & Co. Ltd), which specialised in the import and modification of tanks and tractors during the Second World War (notably being the sole importer into the UK of Caterpillars).

He had a factory on the A1 just to the north of Hatfield, at a site now known as Oldings Corner.

After the war, partly because of government pressure caused by a shortage of dollars, he made an ultimately unsuccessful gamble by relinquishing the Caterpillar agency for what proved to be the less successful Vickers Vigor tractor.[1] Indeed, the company is recognized as the only Caterpillar dealer to voluntarily give up the franchise. They were also distributors for the Opperman Motocart.[1]

On his death the company passed to Scottish Land Development.[2]

Jack Olding's real name was Henry John Douglas Olding.[1]

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