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John (Jack) Small junior (7 October 1765 at Petersfield, Hampshire – 21 January 1836[1] at Hambledon) was an English cricketer who played for the Hambledon Club. He is also associated with Hampshire, Marylebone Cricket Club, Kent and Surrey.[1]

Jack Small made his debut in 1784, his career continuing until 1811. He was noted as "a sound batsman" but should not be compared with his father John Small senior, who was still playing when Jack started.

Jack Small had over 100 recorded appearances by the end of the 1800 season. His two highest recorded scores were 95 for Richard Leigh's XI v Sir Horatio Mann's XI at Dandelion Paddock, Margate in 1795 and 88 for Lord Yarmouth's XI v R Whitehead's XI at Lord's in 1799, both first-class matches.[2]

Small played for the Players in the inaugural and second Gentlemen v Players matches in 1806.[3][4]

He and John Nyren were close friends and Nyren always refers to Small junior as Jack Small. His younger brother, Eli Small, played for Hampshire.


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