Jackie Jokers

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Jackie Jokers
Jackie Jokers issue1.jpg
Cover of Jackie Jokers issue #1
Publication information
PublisherHarvey Comics
First appearanceJackie Jokers #1 (1973)
Created byErnie Colon (art)[1]
In-story information
Full nameJackie Jokers
Supporting character ofRichie Rich

Jackie Jokers is a supporting character of the Richie Rich comic book franchise from Harvey Comics. He is marked by a black bowl haircut.

He debuted in 1973 in his own eponymous title, before being canceled and replaced by the title Richie Rich and Jackie Jokers later that year. He and his similar-looking father, Jerry Jokers, are both stand-up comedians. Also featured is Ben Booker, Jackie's talent agent. In every issue of Richie Rich and Jackie Jokers, a featured story would always show Jackie doing a parody of current movies, TV shows, or commercials.


  • Jackie Jokers - 4 issues, 1973
  • Richie Rich and Jackie Jokers -- 48 issues, 1973–82


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