Jacob Willemsz Delff the Younger

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Portrait of Machteld van der Graeff, by Jacob Willemsz Delff the Younger, 1641

Jacob Willemsz Delff the Younger (1619, Delft – 1661, Delft), was a Dutch Golden Age portrait painter.


1648 Schutterstuk - from left to right: lieutenant Maerten Engelbertsz. Graswinckel; sergeant Samuel Claesz. Berckel; captain Carel Leenertsz. de Vooght; sergeant Willem Claesz. van Assendelft; flag bearer Pieter Harmensz. van Ruyven.

According to Houbraken he won a lucrative commission from the Delft vroedschap to repair his grandfather's schutterstuk after the Delft Explosion in 1654 damaged it.[1] This showed not only the respect the young man had for his grandfather, but also the value that the Delft council placed on their schutterstuk by him. [1]

According to the RKD his wedding portrait and the pendant of his wife were drawn from (now lost) paintings and are in the possession of the Leiden Library.[2] The schutterstuk that Arnold Houbraken mentioned is in the Delft city hall, in the room reserved for weddings.[2]


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