Jacqueline Fraysse

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Jacqueline Fraysse in 2007.

Jacqueline Fraysse-Cazalis (born February 25, 1947 in Paris) is a French cardiologist and politician. A member of the French Communist Party, she currently serves in the National Assembly of France, where she is a member of the Gauche démocrate et républicaine.[1] She was elected to the 13th legislature on June 17. 2007, having served in the body since 1997; she had also been a deputy between 1978 and 1986. From 1986 until 1997 she served as a senator representing the same constituency. Fraysse has also served in various capacities for the town of Nanterre, whose mayor she was from 1988 until 2004.[2]

In her capacity as mayor, Fraysse was overseeing a meeting of the Nanterre municipal council on March 26, 2002 when Richard Durn opened fire on the group, killing eight and wounding nineteen.


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