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Jacques Bidet

Jacques Bidet (French: [bidɛ]; born 1935) is a French philosopher and social theorist. Currently professor emeritus in the Philosophy Department at the Université de Paris X - Nanterre.

His works are mainly devoted to the construction of a theory of modern society under the name of Meta/structural theory (théorie méta/structurelle). Modern nation-states, as elements of world system, are structured on both market and organisation, supposedly rational mediations, as co-implied class factors. The philosophical, sociological, historical, legal-political and cultural aspects of this paradigm are developed in the sense of an Altermarxism, by contrast with classical Marxism.

In 1989, he founded with Jacques Texier the journal Actuel Marx (Presses Universitaires de France), and in 1995, the Congrès Marx International (Université de Paris X - Nanterre).

Main books[edit]

  • (2011) L’État-monde, Libéralisme, Socialisme et Communisme à l’échelle mondiale, Refondation du marxisme, Paris, PUF, September 2011, 320 p. [World State, Liberalism, Socialism, and Communism at global scale, A Refoundation of Marxism].
  • (2007) Altermarxisme, un autre marxisme pour un autre monde, with Gérard Duménil, PUF, 2007, 300 p. [Altermarxism, Another Marxism for another World]. Appeared in Spanish (Viejo Topo, 2009), in Polish (Dialog 2011), to appear in Chinese (Social Science Academic Press) and Korean.
  • (2004) Explication et reconstruction du Capital, PUF, Paris, 2004, 320 p. [Explanation and Reconstruction of Capital]. Appeared in Spanish (LOM, Santiago, Chili) 2006, in Italian (Manifesto Libri, 2010), in Brazilian (EditoraUnicamp, 2010). To appear in Chinese (Social Science Academic Press).
  • (2001) Dictionnaire Marx Contemporain, edited in coll. with Eustache Kouvelakis, PUF, 2001, 600 p. English edition: Critical Companion of Contemporary Marxism (Brill, Leyden, Boston, 2007). To appear in Chinese (Remnin Press).
  • (1999) Théorie générale [A General Theory of modernity], PUF, 1999, 504 p., Croatian edition (Disput, 2008, a revised shorter edition in 300 p.), Chinese edition (Remnin Press, 2009).
  • (1995) John Rawls et la théorie de la justice [John Rawls and the Theory of Justice], PUF, 1995, 140 p. Spanish edition, Barcelone, 2000.
  • (1990) Théorie de la modernité [A Theory of Modernity], PUF, 1990, 300 p. Appeared in Spanish, Buenos Aires, Bellas Letras, 1993, in Italian, Roma, Laterza, 1993.
  • (1985) Que faire du Capital ?, Klincksieck. 1985, 2° édition, PUF, 2000, 300 p. Croatian, Japanese and Korean editions. English edition: Exploring Marx’s Capital, 2006, Brill (Leyden, Boston).

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