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Jacqueline Carol 'Jacqui' Jackson is a writer on autism issues with a background as the single parent of seven children, three girls and four boys, of whom two boys and one girl are on the autism spectrum. Jackson and her family appeared in a BBC documentary, My Family and Autism, screened in 2003. A drama called Magnificent 7[1] featuring Helena Bonham Carter as Maggi—a character based on Jacqui Jackson—was screened by BBC Two in 2005. "It's a warm, moving and largely unsentimentalized portrait of lives lived at different points along the autism spectrum. Imaginative camerawork gives viewers brief insights into how the boys variously engage with the world (their autism manifests itself in everything from colour-sensitivity to an inability to understand idiom). But it's Sandy Welch's script - humane and funny - and the remarkable performances (the children match Bonham Carter every step of the way) that give this an irresistible power and poignancy." [2] Jackson lives in Blackpool, Lancashire, England. The music was written by Sheridan Tongue.

Family life[edit]

Jackson's sons are:

Jackson also has three daughters named Rachel, Sarah, who has autistic spectrum disorder; and Anna.



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