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The Jade Buddha on display

The Jade Buddha for Universal Peace is a jade statue of the Gautama Buddha sourced from northern Canada in 2000 and later carved by Thai artisans. It is made of polar jade, which is a kind of Nephrite.[1] It stands 2.7 meters high, sitting on a solid alabaster throne of 1.4 meters high, and is valued at more than A$5 million. This four-tonne statue was created for the Great Stupa of Universal Compassion in Bendigo, Victoria in Australia and was consecrated by the Dalai Lama.[2]

Its model is the Buddha statue of the Mahabodhi Temple in Bodh Gaya, India, which is universally recognized by all Buddhists. The statue is currently touring the world with the purpose of raising awareness of Buddhism and promoting peace.[3][4]

Mandala Lights around the Jade Buddha[edit]

In many pictures taken by tourists visiting the Buddha, bright and unusual lights appear in the background. These lights allegedly first appeared at Quán Thế Âm temple in Đà Nẵng. They have since been sighted at every showing of the Jade Buddha in Vietnam, Australia, and the USA. It has been said that only those with a pure heart and pure intentions can take such photographs. Called the "Mandala Lights" because their appearance is similar to a Buddhist mandala, the lights seem to be made of many colors in wildly varying patterns.[citation needed]

Jade Buddha Tour[edit]

The purpose of exhibiting the Jade Buddha around the world is to raise awareness of Buddhism and promote peace.

Lama Zopa Rinpoche has said “ It will illuminate the world and bring inconceivable peace and happiness and help prevent the destruction that is happening so much in the world, including war.”

“I want to emphasize the importance of so many people, I think it seems millions of people, who have seen the statue and have therefore have had strong imprints placed in their minds for enlightenment. … Please remember the benefits to sentient beings in what you are doing with the tour, by people even merely seeing the Jade Buddha, ultimately brings them extensive benefit.”

The Jade Buddha is currently on tour throughout major cities around the world before it is finally placed at The Great Stupa of Universal Compassion in Bendigo, Australia.

World Tour Dates[edit]


13-15 March 2009 Quan Am Temple Danang, Vietnam

21-26 March 2009 Dai Tong Lam Ba Ria Vung Tau, Vietnam

29 March - 5 April 2009 Pho Quang Temple Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

7-24 April 2009 Hoang Phap Temple Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

1-10 May 2009 Van An Temple Dong Thap, Vietnam

16-22 May 2009 Phat Tich Temple Bach Ninh (Hanoi), Vietnam

19-23 June 2009 Brisbane Square Brisbane, Australia

24 June - 5 July 2009 Wat Thai Buddharam Brisbane, Australia

10 July - 9 August 2009 Darling Harbour Sydney, Australia

7-16 August 2009 Van An Temple Sydney, Australia

22 August - 20 September 2009 Minh Quang Temple Sydney, Australia

3-18 October 2009 Phap Hoa Temple Adelaide, Australia

30 October - 15 November 2009 Museum of Western Australia Perth, Australia

1-2 December 2009 Sydney Entertainment Centre Sydney, Australia

5-20 December 2009 Quang Duc Temple Melbourne, Australia

23 December 2009 - 3 January 2010 Quang Minh Temple Melbourne, Australia


7-16 February 2010 Phap Vuong Temple 715 Vista Ave Escondido, California, United States

21-28 February 2010 Bao An Temple 5788 N. Apopka Vineland Road Orlando, Florida, USA

5-14 March 2010 Minh Dang Quang Temple 5607 Town N. Country Boulevard Tampa, Florida, USA

26 March - 4 April 2010 Vietnam Temple 10002 Synott Road Sugar Land, Texas, USA

9–18 April 2010 Wat Buddharangsi 15200 SW 240th St Miami, Florida, USA

24 April - 3 May 2010 Buddhist Community Of Memphis and Vicinity Quan Am Monastery 3500 S. Goodlett Rd Memphis, Tennessee, USA

9–16 May 2010 Lien Hoa Temple 6510 Lake Drive Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

22 May - 5 June 2010 Linh Son Temple 16 Ruthven Avenue Worcester, Massachusetts, USA

12–20 June 2010 Phap Van Temple 420 Traders Boulevard Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

26 June - 17 July 2010 Tu Vien Tuong Van 2101 James Madison Hwy Haymarket, Virginia, USA

24 July - 1 August 2010 Truc Lam Monastery 11328 - 97 Street Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

8–15 August 2010 Hoa Nghiem Monastery 2623 - 272 Street Aldergrove, British Columbia, Canada

21 – 29 August 2010 Co Lam Temple 3503 S. Graham St Seattle, Washington, USA

2–12 September 2010 Ngoc Son Tinh Xa Buddhist Association 8318 SE Harney Street Portland, Oregon, USA

17–29 September 2010 Vietnamese Bhikkhuni Buddhist Congregation TINH XA NGOC HOA 766 S. Second Street San Jose, California, USA

Viewing location:1980 Senter Road, San Jose, California, USA

3–17 October 2010 Kim Quang Temple 3119 Alta Arden Expressway Sacramento, California, USA

22–31 October 2010 Bat Nha Buddhist Temple 803 S. Sullivan St. Santa Ana, California, USA

5–15 November 2010 Mắt Thương Nhìn Đời, Compassionate Eyes Inc. 7641 Talbert Ave Huntington Beach, California, USA

26 November - 5 December 2010 Chan Khong Monastery 1105 Hind Iuka Drive Honolulu, Hawaii

18 December 2010 - 2 January 2011 Hosted by TỊNH ĐỘ TU VIỆN (Pureland Monastery) Orleans Arena E Parking Lot 4500 West Tropicana Avenue Las Vegas, Nevada 89103 (USA)


8-23 January 2011 Minh Dang Quang 3010 W. Harvard Street Santa Ana, CA 92704, USA

29 January - 6 February 2011 Phap Vuong Monastery Compassionate Eyes Inc. 715 Vista Ave Escondido, California, USA

12–27 February 2011 An Lac Mission 901 S. Saticoy Avenue, Ventura, CA 93004, USA

5–13 March 2011 Mesa Amphitheatre, 263 N. Center St., Mesa AZ 85201, USA Courtesy of Nhu Lai Meditation 2421 West Glenrosa Ave, Phoenix, Arizona 85015, USA

19–27 March 2011 Kim Cang Monastery 4771 Browns Mill Rd, Lithonia, Georgia 30038, USA

2–10 April 2011 Vietnamese Buddhist Association of Savannah / Cat-Tuong Temple 2619 US Highway 80, Garden City, Georgia 31408, USA

13–19 April 2011 Phap Hoa Temple 4706 N. Arkansas Avenue, Wichita, KS 67204, USA

23-30 April 2011 Truc Lam Buddhist Temple 1521 W. Wilson Avenue, Chicago, Illinois, USA

4–8 May 2011 Minh Dang Quang Meditation 208 S. Allentown Rd, Telford, PA 18969, USA

4–12 June 2011 Zentrum Buddhas Weg (Pagoda Phat Dao) Außerhalb 5 - 69483 Wald-Michelbach, Odenwald, Germany[5]

18–26 June 2011 Vien Giac Temple Karlsruher Strasse 6, Hannover, Germany

2–10 July 2011 Venue Linh Thuu Nun Temple Berlin, Germany

16–24 July 2011 Venue Lien Tri Nun Temple Munich, Germany

4-10 August 2011 Venue Khuong Viet Temple (Jessheim. Norway)

13-21 August 2011 Venue Chua Phat Quang (Gothenburg, Sweden)

17 September - 9 October 2011 Venue The European Patriarcal Minh Dang Quang Meditation Center (Paris, France)

15–30 October 2011 Venue Chapiteau at the Esplanade (Grenoble, France)

5-13 November 2011 Venue Hotel Villa Maria (Lucerne, Switzerland)

19-27 November 2011 Venue Association Cultuelle Bouddhique De Pho Da (Marseille, France)


13–26 January 2012 Venue: Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza, Singapore

12-20 May 2012 Venue: Ten-thousand Views gallery, Chang-Wa, Taiwan

15 June - 7 July 2012 Venue: Bangkok Central World, Bangkok, Thailand

10-19 August 2012 Venue: The Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall (BMICH), Sri Lanka

24 November - 18 December 2012 Venue: Linh Son Chinese Buddhist Temple, Kushinagar, U.P India


15-24 March 2013 Venue: TBA, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

6–14 April 2013 Venue: TBA, Penang, Malaysia

12-21 July 2013 Venue: Soji-ji Temple, Tsurumi, Yokohama, Japan

27 July - 4 August 2013 Venue: Iwatsukidaishi Temple, Saitama, Tsurumi, Yokohama, Japan

17-25 August 2013 Venue: Chùa Đại Nam, Himeji-shi, Japan


2-21 January 2014 Venue: Trung Tam Phat Giao To Dinh Minh Dang Quang, Santa Ana, California

25 January - 9 February 2014 Venue: Nhu Lai Meditation Temple, San Diego, California [6] Protected by Armortech Security Inc. [7]

12–23 February 2014 Venue: Phat Hoc Vien Bohidharma, Aurora, Colorado [8] Mediated by pr1meVentures Inc. [9]

6-16 March 2014 Venue: Tinh Xa Ngoc Nhien, Garland, Texas

20-30 March 2014 Venue: Phuoc Minh Monastery, Duson, Louisiana

3-13 April 2014 Venue: Ichimura Miami-Japan Garden, Miami, Florida

17-27 April 2014 Venue: Xa Loi Temple, Frederick, Maryland

1-11 May 2014 Venue: Tu Vien Tay Phuong, Savage, Minnesota [10]

15–25 May 2014 Venue: Tu Vien Linh Phong, Warren, Michigan

29 May – 8 June 2014 Venue: Thien Vien Minh Dang Quang, Lawrenville, Georgia

12–22 June 2014 Venue: Quan Am Monastery, Memphis, Tennessee

26 June – 13 July 2014 Venue: Lam Ty Ni Temple, Lawrence, Massachusetts

17 July – 3 August 2014 Venue: Linh Son Temple, North York, Ontario, Canada

6–10 August 2014 Venue: Watt Munisotaram, Hampton, Minnesota

14–24 August 2014 Venue: Linh Quang Buddhist Center, Lincoln, Nebraska

28 August – 7 September 2014 Venue: Tinh Xa Ngoc Chau, Portland, Oregon

11–21 September 2014 Venue: Duoc Su Temple & Ten Thousand Medicine Buddha Temple, Seattle, Washington

25 September – 5 October 2014 Venue: Thien Vien Minh Dang Quang, Telford, Pennsylvania

9 October – 9 November 2014 Venue: Trung Tam Phat Giao Hue Quang, Braintree, Massachusetts


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