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"Jafari" redirects here. For the village in Iran, see Jafari, Iran.

Jafri (Arabic: جعفری ‎‎) is a surname commonly associated with those who are the descendants of the 6th Imam, Ja'far al-Sadiq, who was a direct descendant of Ali and Muhammad. Since the Jafri clan trace their lineage to Fatima Az-Zehra, they are a form of Sayyed who are the direct descendants of Muhammad. Many Shia Jafris lived in the Iraq, Iran, India and Pakistan. Some Sunni Muslims also associate with the surname Jafri.

Variant transliterations include al-Ja'fari, Jafari,Jaffrey or Jaffery

Notable people with the surname Jafri[edit]


  • Azra Jafari (born 1978), mayor of Nili, the capital of Daykundi Province in Afghanistan






  • Sakina Jaffrey (born 1962), Indian-American actress
  • Jonathan Aryan Jafari, known as JonTron (born 1990), American comedian, internet personality, and video game critic

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