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Jag Singh is an Internet entrepreneur, angel investor and former American political strategist based in Berlin, Germany. He was previously the managing director of Techstars.[1]


He founded Labourhome, MessageSpace,[2] and YouFundMe.[3] LabourHome was acquired by the New Statesman Magazine in 2008.[4]

In 2011, Singh worked as Director of Digital for the No To AV referendum campaign.[5] Singh co-founded WESS Digital with Matthew Elliott, Paul Staines, and Andrew Whitehurst in 2013. The firm created a database based on issue-based campaigns to be used by political parties to analyse how people vote.[6]

He was listed in Iain Dale and The Daily Telegraph's list of top 100 left wingers in 2008.[7] In 2018, Singh was in the Financial Times list of the UK's top 100 black and minority ethnic leaders in technology.[1]


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