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Jag Singh is an American Internet entrepreneur and political strategist. He is an active investor in technology companies around the world, and was previously the founder of several startups. Singh was recognised by The Daily Telegraph newspaper in 2008 as one of the top 100 most influential people in British politics.[1] In November 2018, Singh was named to the Financial Times' list of the 'Top 100 minority ethnic leaders in technology.'[2]


Before moving into venture capital investing, Singh was an active entrepreneur, heading the development of at least four companies: LabourHome, MessageSpace, YouFundMe[3] and Wess Digital.[4] LabourHome was acquired by the New Statesman Magazine in 2008.[5]

In 2011, Singh worked for Matthew Elliott as Director of Digital for Elliott's NO to AV referendum campaign,[6] and was responsible for the biggest one-day online advertising buy blitz in the UK.[7][8]

Singh would later go on to become a business partner of Matthew Elliott's in 2013, when they set up WESS Digital with the aim to amass a trove of information and data on the supporters of issues-based campaigns. This caused controversy in the build-up to the EU Referendum in the United Kingdom. A dossier circulated within the British Parliament was scathing of Singh and his business partners.[9]

In 2014 Singh backed the UK's Startup Manifesto, and was listed as a signatory.[10]

Singh was a contributor to ITV News' 2015 election night broadcast [11] and is a regular contributor to the BBC,[12] ITV[13] and Sky News.[14]


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