Jagnula Kunovska

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Jagnula Kunovska
Member of the Macedonian Assembly
for Skopje and Kumanovo
Personal details
Born 1943
Kastoria, Greece
Nationality Macedonian
Political party New Social Democratic Party then later VMRO
Residence Skopje
Alma mater Ss. Cyril and Methodius University of Skopje
Occupation Jurist, Artist and Journalist
Religion Macedonian Orthodox

Jagnula Kunovska (Macedonian: Јагнула Куновска), (born 1943, Kastoria, Greece) is a prominent Macedonian jurist, politician and artist.


She was born in the Greek city of Kastoria in 1943. She is the granddaughter of the Kastorian voivode, Nikola Dobrolitski. She was evacuated to the city of Tetovo in the People's Republic of Macedonia in 1948 as one of the many political refugees of the Greek Civil War. She finished a law degree at Skopje University. She then worked as a lawyer in Skopje. She is a member of the Association of writers from Macedonia.[1][2] She soon became a leading Jurist in the Socialist Republic of Macedonia.

In 1990 she became a founding member of the Macedonian political party, Movement for All-Macedonian Action (MAAK).[3] She was a supporter of Tito Petkovski's bid for the Presidency of the Republic of Macedonia in 1999. In 2006 she ran election in the Skopje and Kumanovo regions as part of the New Social Democratic Party.[4] In 2006 there was a controversy between Kunovska and Vlado Bučkovski which involved claims of Bulgarianisation. In 2007 she left the New Social Democratic Party and became a member of the leading party of the Republic of Macedonia, VMRO–DPMNE[5][6] During 2008 she has participated in the writing of the magazine "Makedonski Duhovni Konaci".[7]