Jake Bernstein

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Jake Bernstein
Jake Bernstein.jpg
President & CEO
Network Press Inc. and
MBH Commodity Advisors Inc.
Personal details
Born 1946-09-20
Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Bavaria
Nationality American
Alma mater University of Illinois
Roosevelt University
Profession Market Analyst

Jake Bernstein is President of Network Press, Inc. in Santa Cruz, California.[1] Bernstein claims expertise in seasonal trading and has developed methods of trading in futures markets, and has been a featured speaker at many investment conferences and trading seminars.[2] In 1999, Bernstein was fined by the National Futures Association $200,000 and permanently barred from NFA membership for using misleading and deceptive Promotional Material.[3]

Publisher and author[edit]

Bernstein is publisher of the "Jake Bernstein Weekly Futures Trading Letter," "Bernstein on Stocks," "The Letter of Long-Term Trends,and "COT Analysis". Jake Bernstein has written more than 42 books and research studies on futures trading, stock trading, trader psychology and economic forecasting.[citation needed] Articles by Bernstein have appeared in Futures Magazine, Money Maker, Stocks and Commodities, Barron’s Financial Weekly, Stocks, Futures and Options Magazine, and FarmFutures.[citation needed]


Bernstein has authored a large number of book, including:

• The Ultimate Day Trader (Adams Media Corp)
• Beyond the Investor’s Quotient (Wiley and Sons)
• Strategic Futures Trading (Dearborn Publishing)
• The New Prosperity (New York Inst. of Finance)
• Why Traders Lose How Traders Win (Probus)
• Facts on Futures (Probus/MBH)
• How to Trade the International Futures Markets (New York Inst of Finance)
• The Compleat Guide to Day Trading Stocks (McGraw-Hill)
• Stock Market Strategies that Work (with Elliott Bernstein) - McGraw-Hill
• How to Trade the Single Stock Futures Market (Sep 2002) - Dearborn
• No Bull Investing (Mar 2003) - Dearborn

Bernstein has also authored a series of webinars.[4]


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