Jakjeon Station

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Jakjeon Station
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Korean name
Revised Romanization Jakjeonnyeok
McCune–Reischauer Chakchŏnnyŏk
General information
Location 80 Gyeyangdaero Jiha,
Gyeyang-gu, Incheon
Coordinates 37°31′49.20″N 126°43′21.27″E / 37.5303333°N 126.7225750°E / 37.5303333; 126.7225750Coordinates: 37°31′49.20″N 126°43′21.27″E / 37.5303333°N 126.7225750°E / 37.5303333; 126.7225750
Operated by Incheon Transit Corporation
Line(s)      Line 1
Platforms 1
Tracks 2
Structure type Underground
Key dates
October 6, 1999      Line 1 opened

Jakjeon Station is a subway station on Line 1 of the Incheon Subway located at Jakjeon-dong, Gyeyang-gu, Incheon.


Jakjeon is a dense residential area with a lot of apartment buildings.


  • Exit 1 : Assembly of Gyeyang gu district, Town office of Jakjeon 2 dong, Woori Bank Corporation.[1]
  • Exit 2 : Town office of Jakjeon 1 dong, Jakjeon Market, Jakjeon middle school, Jakjeon high school, Jakjeon girls' high school
  • Exit 3 : National Health Insurance, Jakjeon post office
  • Exit 4 : Buk Incheon Tax Office
  • Exit 5 : Hyoseong elementary school, Home Plus, Hi-mart
  • Exit 6 : Gyeyang Shinhyup
  • Exit 7 : Hyoseong Dong elementary school, Hyoseong middle school
  • Exit 8 : Saemaeul Geumgo


Because of its characteristic, lots of people get in and off during rush hours. Besides, it roles as a traffic node in northern area of Bupyeong station with Gyeongin Expressway.


  1. ^ Information on entrance near the station. http://traffic.local.naver.com/Subway/StationInfo_Detail.asp?CID=1000&LMenu=3&LID=1&SID=20116
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