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Jam Factory was an American soul group from Syracuse, NY active 1970-1972. The six-man band was founded by Howie Wyeth of Syracuse University and featured Steve Marcone and Earl Ford on brass, Mark Hoffmann on guitar, Kent DeFelice on bass, Joe English on drums, and Gene McCormick on keyboards.[1][2] The band played the Schaefer Music Festival in 1970. After leaving The Jam Factory, Joe English went on to be the drummer for Paul McCartney and Wings.


Album: "Sittin' In The Trap" (1970) Epic Records

45 RPM Single: side A: "Talk Is Cheap" / side B: "Together" (1971) Epic Records


  1. ^ Billboard - 5 Sep 1970 - Page 26 "Jam Factory, an extremely talented six-man band, opened at the Village Gate, Aug. 25. Both groups record for Epic Records. Atilla consists of Billy Joel, vocalist and organist, and drummer Jon Small, both formerly with the Hassles, ..."
  2. ^ Billboard - 6 Jun 1970 - Page 69 JAM FACTORY-Epic BN 26521 (S) White soul groups are not uncommon, but the Jam Factory is a good one, as this Syracuse unit cooks together with a hardworking energy rather than big city polish. Steve Marcone and Earl Ford's brass work brings home the group's musical message, while Gene McCormick adds depth and style on keyboards. Jam Factory is tight and together enough to catch on with "Sittin' in the Trap" and "It's Your World.@