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James Collett

James Collett (18 August 1655 – 29 May 1727) was an English-born, Norwegian merchant.[1]

James Collett was born in London, England. As a young man, he worked for an English wholesaler. In 1683, he settled in Christiania (now Oslo), Norway as factor of English merchants. In 1686, he married Karen Leuch (1666-1745), daughter of the wealthy Christiania merchant Peder Pedersen Leuch (1636-1693). With time, he became the largest timber trader in Christiania. In the early 18th century, he exported more timber from Christiania than anybody else and operated a fleet of ships. The firm he founded, Collett & Leuch, (later Collett & Son), continued within the family for four generations.[2][3]

Personal life[edit]

The marriage of James Collett and Karen Leuch resulted in the birth of nine children. The family became part of the patriciate of Christiania in the 18th century.[4][5]

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