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James Frank Hopkins (b. December 30, 1845, Ripley, Mississippi-December 15, 1913) was a Confederate Army volunteer and founder of the Sigma Nu fraternity at the Virginia Military Institute.

Civil War[edit]

At the out break of the civil war the Hopkins family moved to Arkansas Post near Little Rock. At 15 years old James Frank Hopkins was denied enlistment in the Confederate Army because he was too young.

In 1864 he was accepted as a private in a cavalry troop attached Anderson's Battalion of Fagan's Division. His expert horsemanship was put to use as a courier in several battles in the last year of the war.

Civilian Life[edit]

Hopkins entered Virginia Military Institute (VMI) in 1866 at 21 years old. 1866 also marked the year that Hopkins rebelled against the hazing of freshman at VMI. Hopkins was the principal founder of Sigma Nu International Fraternity. He served as the Lieutenant Commander of the original Alpha Chapter, and the designer of the badge.

His involvement with the organization continued though his life, as he served as the first Vice-Regent and attended Grand Chapters in 1902, 1908, and 1910.


On December 15, 1913, several weeks before his 68th birthday, James Frank Hopkins died and was buried in the village cemetery at Mabelvale, Arkansas.

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