James Glass Bertram

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James Glass Bertram

James Glass Bertram (1824 – 3 March 1892) was a Scottish author.

He was apprenticed to Tait's Edinburgh Magazine and became managing clerk,[1] before joining a company of strolling players. He returned to Edinburgh and set up as a bookseller and newsagent. In 1855 he was appointed the editor of the North Briton and in 1872 of the Glasgow News, leaving to become a freelance journalist two years later.

Bertram's output included pornography on the theme of flagellation, such as Flagellation and the Flagellants: A History of the Rod published in 1868 under the pseudonym of "Revd William Cooper"[2][3] and Personal Recollections of the Use of the Rod as "Margaret Anson", published by John Camden Hotten.[4][5][6]



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