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For the American congressman, see James F. Hastings. For the British musician, see Jimmy Hastings.

James Hastings (1852–1922) was a Scottish Presbyterian minister and biblical scholar.

He was born in Huntly, Aberdeenshire.

He studied the classics at the University of Aberdeen, attended the Free Church Divinity College in Aberdeen, and was ordained a Free Church minister in 1884.

He was founder and editor of the Expository Times.

Works (as editor)[edit]

  • Dictionary of the Bible, (1898–1904), five volumes
  • Dictionary of Christ and the Gospels, (1901), two volumes, later editions with John A. Selbie and John C. Lambert
  • Encyclopaedia of Religion and Ethics, (Edinburgh 1908–26; 2nd edition 1925–1940, reprint 1955), 13 volumes
  • Dictionary of the Apostolic Church, (1916)
  • The Great Texts of the Bible, multiple volumes
  • The Speaker's Bible, 13 volumes

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