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James Rivett Carnac by Francis Leggatt Chantrey (1839)

Sir James Rivett-Carnac, 1st Baronet (11 November 1784 – 28 January 1846)[citation needed] was the Governor of the Bombay Presidency of British India from 1838 to 1841, during the period of Company Rule.[1] His family name came about in 1801, when his father was made testamentary by his brother-in-law General John Carnac, husband of Elizabeth Rivett (1751–1780).[citation needed]

Born in Bombay in 1784,[2] Carnac served the East India Company in India from 1801[3] and was a director of the Company for various periods between 1827 and 1838.[4][5] He was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society in May 1838.[6]

Rivett-Carnac was Member of Parliament (MP) for Sandwich from 1837 to 1839,[citation needed] and was made a baronet in 1836.[7] He succeeded Robert Grant as Governor of Bombay Presidency after the latter's death on 9 July 1838.[8]

Rivett-Carnac is the ancestor of the Rivett-Carnac baronets, of whom the most well-known member today is the bag designer Lulu Guinness (born 1960), daughter of the last baronet.[citation needed]

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