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James Szalapski (born October 4, 1945 – September 6, 2000)[1] was a professional screenwriter, cinematographer, producer, and director, born in St. Paul, Minnesota, but who worked in New York City. His works include many documentaries, most notably Heartworn Highways, a 1975 documentary on several country music artists. He was the principle live-action special effects cinematographer for R/Greenberg Associates years starting in 1979. His notable work includes the classic Alien theatrical teaser (1979), the after-life scene in the 1980 film Resurrection, the opening title sequence in The World According to Garp (1982), and scenes from Ladyhawke[2] working with Vittorio Storaro (1985).

He is survived by his wife Deirdre, his brother Kevin and his nephew Patrick.


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