Jamul Mountains

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Jamul Mountains
Jamul Mountains Peak.jpg
First peak on trail from Upper Otay Lake
Highest point
Elevation496 m (1,627 ft)
Jamul Mountains is located in California
Jamul Mountains
Location of Jamul Mountains in California [1]
CountryUnited States
DistrictSan Diego County
Range coordinates32°40′26.199″N 116°53′35.084″W / 32.67394417°N 116.89307889°W / 32.67394417; -116.89307889Coordinates: 32°40′26.199″N 116°53′35.084″W / 32.67394417°N 116.89307889°W / 32.67394417; -116.89307889
Parent rangePeninsular Ranges
Topo mapUSGS Jamul Mountains

The Jamul Mountains are a mountain range of the Peninsular Ranges System.

They are located in southernmost San Diego County, Southern California.[1] The Mexico–United States border is nearby to the south.

There is a trail starting at Upper Otay Lake that leads over the western part of the range.



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