Jamunkhadi Simsar

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Jamunkhadi Simsar
Gate to wetlands area
Gate to wetlands area
Jamunkhadi Simsar is located in Nepal
Jamunkhadi Simsar
Jamunkhadi Simsar
Jamunkhadi in map of Nepal
Coordinates: 26°31′N 87°28′E / 26.52°N 87.47°E / 26.52; 87.47Coordinates: 26°31′N 87°28′E / 26.52°N 87.47°E / 26.52; 87.47
country   Nepal
zoneMechi zone
DistrictJhapa District

The Jamunkhadi Simsar or Jamunkhadi Wetlands is a wetlands conservation project in the Kankai municipality of Jhapa District, in eastern Nepal.

It was created to be developed as a tourist destination in Wards 2 and 5 of Surunga VDC (which are now the Dandagau area of Kankai), within the community forest. It lies about a kilometer away from the East-West Highway and occupies an area of about 10 hectares of the 25-hectare community forest.[1] Originally, it included two ponds named after the rivers Ganga (Ganges) and Jamuna, but due to lack of protection, Ganga no longer exists and currently only Jamuna remains.

Jamuna pond is a tourist attraction.[2][3] There is boating and fishing on the pond. Wild animals such as the python, bear, sambar, and porcupine are protected in this area.


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