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Jan Ehrenwald (13 March 1900 – 15 June 1988) was a Czech-American psychiatrist and psychotherapist, most known for his work in the field of parapsychology.[1] His work largely focused on extrasensory perception and its supposed implications for psychoanalysis.[2]


Ehrenwald studied medicine at the University of Prague. He taught psychiatry at the University of Vienna (1927-1931), University Hospital of Brooklyn at Long Island College Hospital (1948-1950) and State University of New York (1950-1953). He was a member of the Society for Psychical Research and was a fellow of the New York Academy of Medicine.[3]


Ehrenwald's belief that telepathy had been successfully demonstrated was not accepted by the scientific community. Critics state that Ehrenwald's statements were based on conjecture, not solid facts.[4][5][6]

His research was well received by parapsychologists. Arthur Deikman, J. B. Rhine and Ian Stevenson have positively reviewed Ehrenwald's books.[7][8][9]


  • Telepathy and Medical Psychology, W. W. Norton, 1948
  • From Medicine Man to Freud, 1956
  • Psychotherapy: Myth and Method, 1966
  • New Dimensions of Deep Analysis, 1975
  • History of Psychotherapy: From Magic Healing to Encounter, Jason Aronson, 1976
  • The ESP Experience: A Psychiatric Validation, 1978


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