Jan Pieter van Suchtelen

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Jan Pieter van Suchtelen
Sukhtelen 1 Pyotr Kornilovich.jpg
Jan Pieter van Suchtelen, Count of Liikkala.
Born (1751-08-02)August 2, 1751
Grave, Netherlands
Died January 6, 1836(1836-01-06) (aged 84)
Nationality Dutch

Jan Pieter van Suchtelen, Count of Liikkala, Pyotr Kornilovich Suhtelen (2 August 1751, Grave–6 January 1836, Stockholm),[1][2] was born in the Netherlands, and was a general in the Russian army during the Russo-Swedish War (1808–1809).[3] In 1812 Suchtelen was the plenipotentiary for Russian Emperor Alexander I in Örebro where he negotiated and signed the Treaty of Örebro which brought to an end the Anglo–Russian War (1807–1812). In that treaty his titles included "general of engineers, quarter-master general, [and] member of the council of state".[4]

Created count, enrolled to the nobility of Finland where his main estate was located. (source: Osmo Durchman (1934), Varför blev Johan Peter van Suchtelen finsk friherre och greve? Genos 5, 1934)

Charlotte Disbrowe visited Sweden in 1834, where her father, (Sir Edward Cromwell Disbrowe, a senior a diplomat with the British Foreign Office) was stationed. She met Suchtelen and mentioned in her biography that:[5]


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