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Condor flying in The Colca Canyon, Arequipa, Peru.
The snow peaks in the Andes are part of the janca.
Panoramic view of the Janca Region, Ayacucho Region

Janca is one of the eight Natural Regions of Peru (Janq'u is Aymaran for “White”). It is located in the frozen heights where the condor lives.

The fauna in this region is limited because of the very cold weather. The only plant that grows here is the yareta or yarita (Azorella yarita).[1]


Andean Continental Divide

Westside Eastside
Chala, dry coast Lowland tropical rainforest or Selva baja
Maritime Yungas Highland tropical rainforest or Selva alta
Maritime Yungas Subtropical cloud forest or Fluvial Yungas
Quechua - Montane valleys Quechua - Montane valleys
Tree line Tree line - about 3,500 m
Suni, scrubs and agriculture Suni, scrubs and agriculture

Mountain Top:

  • Mountain passes - 4,100 m
  • Puna grassland
  • Andean-alpine desert
  • Snow line - about 5,000 m
  • Janca - Rocks, Snow and Ice
  • Peak

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