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Jane Belk Moncure

Jane Belk Moncure (December 16, 1926–July 30, 2013) was an American author of early childhood non-fiction, fiction and poetry. She also wrote under the names Bruce Wannamaker, Mary Thornton Blanton, and Jennie Davis.

Moncure lived in Virginia and North Carolina. She worked in early childhood education for thirty-five years. Most recently, Moncure lived in Fallston, North Carolina.

Moncure was a creative and prolific author: millions of her books are in circulation, and they are widely distributed in schools and libraries. Distribution has been primarily through The Child's World, ChildrensPress and Scholastic. Her creations and works include My First Steps to Reading, My First Steps to Math, My First Steps to Science, Word Bird, The Sound Box Books, and Magic Castle Readers. Her works have been translated into British English, Spanish, French, Chinese, and Malay. Belk Library, Elon University holds a collection of all published books by Moncure.

Jane Belk Moncure was a recipient of the C.S. Lewis Award and over the past 20 years, her works were recognized by numerous Awards. Most recently, in 2008, Jane received the Scholastic Teacher's Choice Award for her outstanding contribution to the My First Steps to Learning Program.

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