Jane Hurshman

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Jane Hurshman
Born (1949-01-25)January 25, 1949
Brooklyn, Queens County, Nova Scotia
Died February 22, 1992(1992-02-22) (aged 43)
Halifax, Nova Scotia
Cause of death possible suicide
Body discovered Halifax waterfront
Residence Bang's Falls, Nova Scotia
Nationality Canadian
Other names Jane Stafford, Jane Whynot
Alma mater Lunenburg Regional Vocational School
Occupation nursing assistant, women's advocate
Known for killing her husband and being acquitted
Home town Brooklyn, Queens County, Nova Scotia

Jane Hurshman Corkum (January 25, 1949 – February 22, 1992) was a Canadian, best known for having killed her abusive husband Lamont William "Billy" Stafford in 1982,[1] for which and for being acquitted of his murder.[2]

The Crown appealed, concerned with the legal precedent, and Corkum pleaded guilty to manslaughter, receiving a six-month sentence. She was released after two months.[3]

After her release, she spoke out about spousal abuse, then an all-but-ignored subject.[citation needed]

On February 23, 1992, her body was found in a car on the Halifax waterfront, dead from a single gunshot wound.[citation needed]

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