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Jane Soames (1900–1988), also known as Jane Soames Nickerson, was a British-born author, translator, and historian. A graduate of Oxford University, she was employed by The Times as a correspondent in Paris and was an assistant to Hilaire Belloc, author of The Servile State.[1][2] Soames was married to Hoffman Nickerson (1888–1965), an Assemblyman in the 139th New York State Legislature. Soames also served as the librarian for the Oyster Bay Historical Society in Oyster Bay, New York.


Title Role Publisher Year of Publication
The Political and Social Doctrine of Fascism (by Benito Mussolini) Translator London: Hogarth Press 1933
A Short History of North Africa Author New York, NY: Devin-Adair Co. 1961
Homage to Malthus Author Port Washington, NY: Kennikat Press 1975
The Old Garden Author London: Poets’ and Painters’ Press 1975
Oyster Bay: A Sketch Editor Oyster Bay, NY: Oyster Bay Historical Society 1987

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