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Janet Daley
Born (1944-03-21) March 21, 1944 (age 74)
Boston, US
EducationUniversity of California, Berkeley
Notable credit(s)The Daily Telegraph

Janet Daley (born 21 March 1944)[1] is a conservative American-born journalist living and working in Britain, who is currently a columnist for The Sunday Telegraph.[2]

Life and career[edit]

Daley studied philosophy as an undergraduate at University of California, Berkeley, moving to the UK in 1965. She taught philosophy at the Open University, the External Department of London University and the Royal College of Art. Between teaching she wrote art and literary criticism. She developed an interest in the philosophy of design and in 1982 published Design Creativity and Understanding Design Objectives for Design Studies (Vol. 3, No 3), where she suggested that, as part of the creative process, individual designers bring a set of schema to their design creation, including visual, verbal and value systems.[3]

During the 1980s she was a member of Hornsey Labour Party.[4]

She began writing full-time in 1987, contributing articles to The Times, The Independent, The Sunday Telegraph and The Spectator. She formally joined The Independent as a columnist in 1989, remaining there until joining The Daily Telegraph in 1996. She now writes a weekly political blog for the newspaper.

Daley has made many regular appearances on UK broadcast media. She was a panellist on BBC Radio 4's The Moral Maze for over ten years until April 2001.

Her television credits include appearances on Question Time, Breakfast with Frost, Answer the Question and The Adam Boulton Programme on Sky News. She is a regular on Dateline London and was the sparring partner of David Aaronovitch on BBC News 24's Head to Head. She has also appeared on Channel Five.

Janet Daley is known for her commentary in the fields of the media, American politics, social behaviour, welfare, the NHS, education, immigration and the criminal judicial system.

Daley was a vocal opponent of legislative changes in the UK during the 1990s that would have equalised the age of consent for homosexuals to that of heterosexuals. Writing in The Times she described gay life as "aggressive freemasonry", and argued that homosexuality led to "childlessness, instability and mortal danger from Aids.”[5]

Daley is a visiting Professor at Buckingham University and a Research Fellow with the Centre for Policy Studies.


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